VS Departments
Accounting Department
Invoices, Billing, Payments, Releases, Checks and Balances Tel:1-732-556-6505 E-mail:gaga@vsbrothers.com
Transportation Department
To Request Pick up or Deliveries Cars or any Cargo Tel:1-732-556-6505 E-mail:eka@vsbrothers.com
Warehouse department
Cargo handling instructions loading combinations, destinations... Tel:1-732-556-6505 E-mail:denis@vsbrothers.com
Roro Department
RORO Transportation Cars, Trucks, Boats, Machinery Equipment Tel:1-732-556-6505 E-mail:andrei@vsbrothers.com





     V&S Brothers Inc is a fully licensed and bonded dealership with location in Newark New Jersey. 


    We have been selling quality vehicles locally since 2000; and using the online marketplace since early 2006.


    Provide a quality product at a fair market price and help our customers find the vehicle of their dreams regardless


    of what part of the world they live in. We are more than happy to ship our vehicles worldwide to find their new home,


    from Jersey to anywhere, we can get it there. We offer our vehicles at such a discounted rate due to our low


    overhead and our desire to move inventory quickly. After reviewing the quality and diversity of our inventory,


    our local reviews, and our amazing pricing, we know you will feel comfortable purchasing a vehicle from us


    like so many others already have. Advanced V&S Brothers is the dealership of the future and we are here to


    save you money! From the entire Advanced V&S Brothers team, we thank you and look forward to working with you!